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Subject: [Leica] Leica 111c instructions
From: len-1 at (Leonard Taupier)
Date: Fri Jan 19 06:22:32 2007
References: <000301c73bce$eae13d00$6501a8c0@asus930>

Hi Hoppy,

Congrats on the IIIc. It's a nice little camera. That with a 50/3.5  
Elmar can slide right into your jeans pocket. Film loading is the  
biggest pain with the LTM bodies. I downloaded a film cutting templet  
and sized the jpg so the film sprockets matched up to a piece of  
film. I cut every leader to size now. No problem. I'll give you the  
url as soon as I put it in my gallery.

I could never find a manual for the IIIc on line, only the IIIf. They  
are the same body except the IIIf has flash sync and a self timer on  
the later bodies. For Christmas my son bought me a Hove collectors  
book,  "Instructions for the use of the Leica camera Models c, f &g"  
It's an actual duplication of the original 3 manuals done better then  
the originals. I have 4 very nice LTM lenses which I use with the  
VIOOH finder. That I have the downloaded manual for.


On Jan 19, 2007, at 8:37 AM, G Hopkinson wrote:

> Dear LUG folk, this evening in an idle browse past a local camera  
> shop I found a Leica 111 body for sale amongst the plethora of
> Nikon F100s etc being given away for a fraction of their former  
> value.. Their expertise might be gauged by the tag which was marked
> Leica M body. Anyway I thought that it was reasonably priced and I  
> felt it was my duty to take it home. It appears to be a 111c from
> 1949 and is pretty clean externally even the shutter appears to  
> operate somewhere close to all of the marked speeds. Just guessing I
> know but no obvious slowing down on the slow speeds, nor any  
> visible shutter curtain damage. The body is dent free. I mean the
> chrome is intact and the sharkskin? Vulkanit completely intact.  
> Baseplate scratches and burnishing on the forward edge of the top
> plate. The finder and rangefinder will hopefully benefit from a  
> clean. RF seems functional with decent contrast even in low light
> tonight. Not greatly clear certainly. So anyway, a user, I hope and  
> a lovely piece of history for me as an M user. Certainly I will
> need to invest in a CLA. The aim is simply to be a user and I'd  
> plan to acquire a reasonable lens after getting the body serviced.
> Can anyone point me towards an instruction manual?  On-line would  
> be great.
> I don't have any experience at all with the LTM models. I think  
> that I have figured out the shutter speed selections. Also what
> seems to be a diopter adjustment on the rangefinder. It lets me  
> resolve even very fine text at a metre or two. I have no idea what
> is normal clarity for the RF or finder. Do I need to be trimming  
> the film leader? Any other advice would be welcomed. Lens wise, I
> had in mind getting a period correct Leica 50 (a coated Elmar 50?)  
> or otherwise a 35 or 28 that I might use with an external finder.
> Again any suggestions would be most welcome. It's purely for  
> pleasure and to preserve a wonderful old camera.
> Cheers
> Hoppy
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