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Subject: [Leica] LUG 2006 Yearbook--and Four Simple Rules for the 2007 Edition
From: firkin at (Alastair Firkin)
Date: Tue Jan 16 00:09:08 2007
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I'll be in as well: time to go off shooting and see if I can get some  
good looker to model as me ;-)

On 16/01/2007, at 16:51, Jim Shulman wrote:

> Many, many thanks for the cascade of wonderful comments about the  
> book.  I'm
> really thrilled that this effort touched a chord among LUG members.
> To those who marveled at my layout abilities, much appreciated--and  
> once
> again let me assure you that the templates were extremely  
> simple
> to use.  The only issue was juggling the images and captions;  
> however, after
> a fifteen year career in direct mail, balancing a staff that  
> produced six
> million catalogs a year, in eighteen variations, along with about 100
> magazine ads at any given time, this project was almost a picnic.
> So first, I expect several of you to follow my suggestion in the  
> forward:
> let a thousand photo books bloom.  I hope this project convinces  
> LUGgers to
> create their own books.  For one, I'd be more than thrilled to  
> purchase a
> Doug Herr wildlife book, or a GeeBee Northhamptonshire book, or an  
> H. Arche
> book, or...the list is almost endless.  Certainly there's no lack  
> of talent.
> And yes, since there's been so much enthusiastic comment (and since  
> the
> production cost is zip) I'll be happy to create a 2007 edition.
> Please review these carefully.
> 1. For the next yearbook, please send only images taken during  
> 2007--Jan 1
> until I start gathering the pictures in mid-December.  Since we're  
> looking
> at year two, might as well make this a genuine yearbook and stick to
> material from the year.  Once again, use any camera you like, from  
> pinhole
> to M8.  Of course, this does give you eleven months to make images  
> with a
> Leica.
> want my
> server to turn into the Bettmann Archive. If I receive anything  
> earlier,
> they may be misplaced, deleted, etc.  The project is only  
> manageable if I
> can juggle all this information at one limited time.
> 3. No more than two images per person, please. Images must be at  
> least one
> meg .jpg files. Larger is fine, but no smaller. You now have eleven  
> months
> to convert your 2007 film images to .jpg files.
> 4. Images sent to me in December 2007 MUST include an additional  
> image: your
> headshot.  Next year I want to assemble a picture gallery of  
> contributors.
> Unfortunately, only about five LUGgers did so this time, which is  
> why we
> didn't have a LUG gallery in the book. You have been forewarned.   
> That gives
> you plenty of time to be photographed behind mirror images,  
> Halloween masks,
> Mardi Gras masks, leather bustiers, and anything else to conceal  
> the shy.
> And I'll repeat the four rules a few times throughout the year, so  
> there's
> fair warning for those who read the digest every quarter or so.
> Best,
> Jim Shulman
> Bryn Mawr, PA
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> Leica Users Group.
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