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Subject: [Leica] Aperture, Lightroom and Photoshop
From: harrison at (Harrison McClary)
Date: Mon Jan 8 13:25:02 2007
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 From all I have heard, yes you want one of the FAST Macs to handle 
Aperture.  I got a new MacPro 3 gigs or RAM, Aperture and FinalCut all 
at the same time and all I can say is WOW this baby is FAST.  The only 
thing I want to add is a real kicka** video card, the one standard is 
very good, but I was told when I got the computer to get the upgrade as 
a lot of Apertures "work" is done on the video card.  As I add more 
images and work on larger projects I can tell.  Instead of the changes 
being instant they take about 1/2 a second to show up now.  I got 
spoiled and want the extra speed. :)  Plus I use two monitors so I 
figure a second card will only speed things up more.

I really like this MacPro...I highly recommend getting one. :

Jim Hemenway wrote:
> Harrison:
> Is a G5 neccesary, or wor$e yet for me, a newer Intel based Mac?
> Jim
> Harrison McClary wrote:
>> Yep...I have not used Lightroom, but I do use Aperture and love it.  
>> For me it is one of, maybe the single, best tools to come along for 
>> digital photography.  I can catalog my work, edit the images, out put 
>> for most any need...heck I can even design a book and order it from 
>> the program.  The more I use it the more I like it.
>> I seldom have to go to photoshop for most of my images...comes from 
>> all those years shooting chromes, you either get it right or you 
>> don't. :)  I am not real big on image manipulation...I do some and 
>> like some of the new features in CS3 like the B&W conversions.
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