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Subject: [Leica] A newbie here..
From: walt at (Walt Johnson)
Date: Tue Dec 12 14:45:27 2006
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Very nice intro and the best of luck here on the LUG. Looking forward to 
your posts.

Florida, USA

Alex wrote:

> Hello all.
> I'm a newbie to Leica and to RF in the whole, just got registered 
> here, willing to introduce myself.
> My name is Alex, I'm from Israel. Used to be a long-term SLR shooter 
> jumping over from Minolta to Canon professional systems, until about 2 
> years ago took a leap into large format (4x5) and never looked back so 
> that my Canon setup used to spent about 95% of the time in the closet. 
> Besides, it took me several years to realize that the "latest and 
> greatest" gear isn't always the optimal solution. I became quite 
> reluctant of getting out my Canon and lugging it around, even though 
> owing high-end analog camera and some nice L line optics. In the past 
> I enjoyed challenging myslef physically and mentally lugging 15 kg 
> backpack full of Canon throughout the world even on business trips, 
> but lately getting realized that nor fast and quite AF, neither 
> super-sophisticated metering or super-speed machine-gun shooting 
> doesn't bring me the pleasure any more in my hobby. So the breaking 
> point came few weeks ago when I decided to quit my SLR adventure 
> altoagther and convert to something much more manageable and intimate 
> that will not be a burden for my family either in family strools or 
> trips but yet provide an adequate quality. After quite a deliberation 
> between jumping to an MF rangefinder or remain in 35mm world I made up 
> my mind to stay with 35mm to avoid the necessity to change my entire 
> flow. Then were two weeks of online "research" of RF world, equipment, 
> shooting technique, etc..became an active member on RFF 
> (, "spamming" with my RF-related 
> hesitations...until realized that in that or another way I will have 
> hard time to get my Leica lust calm down....
> So two days ago I managed to pick a nice Summicron 50mm/2 (current 
> version) which is on its way to me right now and just a few hours ago 
> I had a pleasure to purchase a nice M6 of LUG fellow Hank Kellner (he 
> offered the camera for sale here also few days ago). Did not realize 
> Hank is a well known person not only on LUG but also in literature 
> world, but that turned to be a nice surprise to me.
> So I'm welcoming myself here on LUG..;-)
> Sincerely, Alex
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