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Subject: [Leica] Re:White Stripes and waiting by the doorbell
From: jshul at (Jim Shulman)
Date: Wed Nov 29 20:52:05 2006

Still waiting for the return of Ted Lewis.

Is everybody happy?

Jim Shulman
Bryn Mawr, PA
Since 1959, cheerfully out of step with his peers.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re:White Stripes and waiting by the doorbell

Begging your pardons, but, Jesus! you guys are old, or
just quit listening. What about X, the Pixies, Sonic
Youth, and Pavement? That stuff is every bit as
special as anything made in the '60's.

The first show I was old enough to drive to was Jethro
Tull, touring in support of 'Aqualung', and yeah, I
saw a ton of acts back then. But I always wanted to
hear something new. That whole idea that there was a
'Golden Age' of rock'n'roll has always given me a
severe PITA; it boils down to generational

Youth music should be of the moment, and possessed by
the young as something of their time. In the nineties,
my neo-hippie students couldn't understand why their
fascination with the Grateful Dead annoyed me so. It
was because, by looking backward, they were missing
out on the really great stuff that they could totally
own as being from their own time.

Grow with it and stay young. Check out the New

Arche (52)

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