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Subject: [Leica] Leica Announcement (before the official announcement)
From: nickbroberts at (Nick Roberts)
Date: Fri Nov 24 06:23:41 2006

"When using lenses from 16 to 35mm, we suggest opting for the 6-bit coded 
ones, in order to prevent a color offset towards the edges" - sounds 
technical to me.


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Sent: Friday, 24 November, 2006 1:32:55 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica Announcement (before the official announcement)

I was just at RG Lewis in London this morning and met the UK Leica  
rep. He showed me the actual letters from Leica, and indeed it  
appears that the fix of the banding is a firmware fix, but the IR  
filter thing seems permanent, at least there is no mention of it  
being an interim solution. There is some vague language about Leica  
constantly improving the firmware etc., but certainly as I read it  
there is no prospect of any solution other than filters for the  
current generation of M8. Incidentally, the letter also did not say  
that coded lenses are required for it to work, it was just suggested  
that people should have their lenses coded. So it seems that the  
coding is not a technical requirement; it is more of a marketing issue.

The 30% discount on new lenses is until Dec. 31st, and is capped at  

On the issue of wake-up and turn-on time, the M8 I handled was as  
quick as my Canon DSLR, so no problem there.


On 24-nov-2006, at 1:30, Frank Filippone wrote:

> Wow!  This is a responsible position to take.  I applaud Leica.
> 1) the "fix" to the banding issue sounds like a hardware fix.   
> However, it could be a firmware fix that is buried too deeply to be a
> field retrofit.  Or it could be sensor specific, and needs to be  
> tweaked for each sensor.  Anyway, it is a responsible position....
> we know and acknowledge the problem, we have a fix, we have a  
> solution, and we will make sure our customers are taken care of.
> 2) Looks like no bending on the IR filter....  I would like to see  
> it incorporated into the sensor glass plate... looks like Solms
> disagrees ( I will allow that I do not understand the complete  
> complexities of this issue, and a sensor cover fix may not be
> possible.. notice I said possible, not practical....).... At least  
> all you guys and gals will get 2 filters... best pick
> wisely.....!
> 3) 30% Discount on a new lens is nice, 30% off what you already  
> paid for an M8 would be nicer.....( or its equivalent.... )
> Very responsible......
> Frank Filippone
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