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Subject: [Leica] Mac desktop for Photoshop CS2?
From: jsmith342 at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Sun Nov 19 15:20:22 2006

Buying newer versions of Photoshop buckles my knees as much as buying a new
computer. I'll try to get some feel for when CS3 is coming out. And as
several people have suggested to me so far, maybe a used or refurbed Mac
might be the best way to go.

Much appreciated.

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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Jeff, right now the current new Intel Macs aren't a great fit with
Photoshop. Adobe has not released native binaries of CS2 so all their
software runs in the emulated environment. So it's not as quick as it might

I have a quad G5 system for my studio and it's VERY fast. It's still
substantially faster than a quad Intel system is for Photoshop. That will
change next year when Adobe releases their CS3 software which is Intel
native...but for right now you won't get a good bang for you buck.

However  you might find someone selling a quad G5 system that would work
very well. There's enough multi-threading going on to use those processors.

I wouldn't recommend a Mac Mini for this purpose. An iMac, esp with the
larger screen, might be decent. IF you know you're going to spend the money
to upgrade to CS3 and can live with only "reasonable" performance then it
might work well for you.

Plus - the new Intel systems will run Windows either in a virtual
environment or will boot from a windows image using Bootcamp. That would let
you run your own version of Photoshop for Windows on the new fast hardware.

Best regards,


On 11/19/06, Jeffery Smith <> wrote:
> My current Gateway computer works fine for just about everything. It 
> was a top-end screamer when I bought it nearly 4 years ago. But using 
> it with Photoshop CS is enough to push me nearly over the edge. 
> Sometimes it takes 20 seconds to respond to an [Alt] push when using 
> the healing brush. It is simply too slow and too limited in resources 
> to work well or even marginally with Photoshop CS. I feel that I have 
> two choices:
> (1) Buy 4 gb of memory and see if that speeds things up
> (2) Buy a low end Mac and use it for PS CS2 only
> For those of you out there who are Mac aficionados, what would be a 
> reasonable lower end Mac for use with PS CS2 keeping in mind that I 
> will be using it for that ONLY. Maybe an iMac in the $1,500 to $2,000 
> area? Doesn't the Mac handle memory and resources better than Windows 
> XP. Your thoughts and suggested are heartily welcomed.
> Jeffery Smith
> New Orleans, LA
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