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Subject: [Leica] M8 & Depth of Field
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Wed Nov 1 08:57:25 2006
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At 8:37 AM -0700 11/1/06, Henning Wulff wrote:
>Hi Didier,
>At 9:57 AM +0100 11/1/06, Didier Ludwig wrote:
>>Hi Wai Leong
>>I'm not shure about that. Yes, the DOF marks on the lenses are no 
>>longer correct when used with a M8 - but the other way round. I 
>>don't make any calculations - am not really interested in the 
>>mathematical aspects of photography - but a few months ago I did 
>>just a few empiric tests with the same 50mm/1.2 lens wide open on a 
>>M6 and a R-D1 (with it's crop factor of 1,5). It seems to be the 
>>opposite - on the R-D1 shots there was visibly more DOF. Same 
>>lens/smaller format = MORE DOF.
>Not sure how you tested, but if you tested with both cameras at the 
>same distance and same aperture, the RD-1 would have exhibited less 
>depth of field. If you tested with the two cameras imaging the same 
>area, the film M6 would have exhibited more depth of field.

Damn! That last should have been 'the film M6 would have exhibited 
_less_ depth of field.

>When testing make sure of your parameters.

When writing make sure of your words. :-(

>>It is my general experience that the bigger the formats get, the 
>>narrower the DOF is with the same focal length/aperture. On 6x6 
>>negatives with 100/f2.8, I have a DOF about as narrow as with 
>>50/f1.4 on small format.
>You're talking about two completely different things. In the first 
>part, you're talking about same focal length/aperture, in the second 
>about the same (approximate) angle of view. With the larger 
>negative, at the same focal length/aperture you have more depth of 
>field, with the same angle of view (longer focal lengths for the 
>larger format) which will result in less depth of field.
>>But as said, these are no academic calculations, just estimations 
>>out of my modest experiences.
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