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Subject: [Leica] Epson R-D1 vs. M8?
From: grduprey at (
Date: Sun Oct 29 12:55:27 2006


If the M8 is such a dissapointment and not as easy to use, then why did you 
order one?  Seems you would have been better off buying another RD-1.  
Something is wrong with the picture you are painting.


-------------- Original message from "David Keenan" <>: 

> >For those who have used both an R-D1 and M8 -- how much actual 
> >difference is there in the feel and image quality? 
> I addressed this subject from my point of view on RFF awhile back. 
> I own an R-D1 and have had some hands-on time with the M8. And one on 
> order. 
> Ultimately the M8 is a disappointment for me. While the picture quality is 
> likely to be first rate, the handling of the M8 despite what others say 
> about its "M like" look and feel leaves me wanting. The added thickness, 
> the 
> awful (i.e., slick) covering, and the totally unsatisfying (to this total 
> traditionalist) empty, hollow sound of the new shutter all contribute a 
> deep 
> disappointment in the M8. 
> My "perfect M8" would have been an M7 with just a digital sensor on the 
> film 
> plane. No LCD, no controls other an ISO selector -- just a USB connector 
> and 
> some software on the PC to configure the camera before heading out to 
> photograph. To my way of thinking that's all a digital Leica M needs to 
> be. 
> I know, dream on... 
> At this point, I think that the R-D1 is a much better external 
> implementation of a digital rangefinder. It is as thin as its film 
> counterpart. I really like how the LCD panel can be hidden. I like the 
> analog ISO selection. Wih the LCD panel closed for all practical purposes, 
> I 
> am using a Voigtlander Bessa which does a pretty good imitation of a Leica 
> M. 
> The R-D1 build quality is not up to Leica standards. The 
> rangefinder/viewfinder is not particularly rugged. The battery life is 
> suspect. The 1.5x crop factor is little bit more of a pain than the M8's 
> 1.3x for wide angle users. I have some issues with the analog guage dial 
> on 
> my R-D1. But I have no complaints about the Epson's picture quality. 
> Now that I have a modified PhotoEquip grip on my R-D1 and have found the 
> Hexanon Dual 21-35mm lens to be the perfect R-D1 lens, I am not sweating 
> the 
> arrival of the M8 that I have on order... I have struggled with canceling 
> this order entirely but I now have non-photographic reasons to own one. 
> But if I couldn't afford both, I'd feel no particular shame or loss by 
> only 
> owning and photographing with an R-D1. 
> I hope that Leica is enormously successful with the M8. I realize that I 
> am 
> in the minority with my gripes about the camera. My hope is that Leica 
> will 
> gain enough strength with the M8 so that they can get it right with the 
> M9... 
> Dave. 
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