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Subject: [Leica] best leica lens for photographing bigfoot
From: walt at (Walt Johnson)
Date: Tue Oct 17 12:48:49 2006
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He will also know you are old enough to kill and eat without much of a 

Slobodan Dimitrov wrote:

> When in doubt bring a Rollei TLR. Even the beast will know you're a  
> professional and mean business.
> Slobodan Dimitrov
> On Oct 17, 2006, at 8:26 AM, Kyle Cassidy wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>>   I'm going to be spending 18 days in the woods in Oregon as part  of 
>> the PNWMAP (Pacific Northwest Musk Ape Project) documenting the  
>> homonid known technically referred to by scientist as  
>> Gigantanthropus but alternatively by lay-people as "Sasquach",  
>> "Skunk Ape", "Musk Ape" and, of course, Bigfoot.  In meetings with  
>> the Bigfoot Field Research Deployment team, one of the things we  
>> discussed is that most images of this shy and smelly creature are  
>> not very sharp. It's for this reason that I've procured a grant for  
>> purchasing a Leica camera and a lens. I want to use a single lens  to 
>> avoid the horror of being in the process of changing lenses when  a 
>> Yeti emerges from a bedding path in the undergrowth and stalks  with 
>> his loping determined stride across the narrow path in front  of me 
>> to vanish rapidly again in the dense foilage. With just one  lens, I 
>> can always be at the ready to capture the photographic  evidence 
>> which will advance our studies and knowledge of this noble  beast.
>>   My question is, givin the moist enviornment that Woods Devil  likes 
>> to live in, what Leica camera will be the most robust in  those 
>> circumstances and what lens will be the sharpest and most  useful 
>> overall? -- taking into consideration that the Yowie may  come, 
>> screaming and bellowing, into my field of view from a great  distance 
>> or may even charge me, suddenly, in close quarters if he  is enraged 
>> by the smell of my after shave. I want to be prepared  for 
>> everything. Generally a herbavore, Old Yellow-Top is thought to  be 
>> an opportunistic carnovoire, so the camera must also be able to  
>> withstand a possible, though extremely unlikely attack by one of  
>> Americas last giant apes.
>>   Thanks for your time and expertise. Also, if anyone has  
>> photographs they've taken or reports of sightings, I'd love to hear  
>> them.
>>   Kyle Cassidy
>>   PNWMAP, Photographic Field Research Team Coordinator
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