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Subject: [Leica] BW Film
From: jsmith342 at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Tue Oct 3 14:10:10 2006

My choice for the 100 film would be Ilford FP4+. It + PMK is my favorite
combination. The 800 up is problematic. I have not gotten good results with
silver halide ultrafast film. You might get better results with pushed 400
ISO film than Neopan 1600 or Delta 3200. If I HAD to shoot a film at 800, I
would probably just greyscale Fuji 800 color film. That's not much help if
you are developing it yourself. Kodak BW400 has so much latitude, you could
probably shoot it at 800 and not bother having the development altered.

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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Sorry. I guess I should have made it clear where I live. I'm in rural North
Carolina, and far from any brick and mortar source of film and developer.
Pony express is my only option. I'm looking for the best supplier with whom
I can place a film order via the telegraph :-) 

I'm also looking at film options. I plan to buy several bricks of two films,
rather than a roll or two various types. One 25-100 ASA which had good
tonality and acutance. A second 800-up, fast with good grain structure. 

I've used TMX/TMY/TMZ in the past, but its sensitive to development. Great
when you get it right, but not too forgiving. I had excellent temperature
control in my old darkroom. Not so now. I need something that's more
forgiving. Plus I bought PMK because all my other developers (except for
some Rodinal) have gone bad. So I need film that develops well in PMK.  


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Are you in the USA?

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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