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Subject: [Leica] BW Film
From: jsmith342 at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Tue Oct 3 06:54:57 2006

Ilford FP4+ and Fomapan 200 Creative both work very nicely in PMK. is a good place to get them.

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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I've used TMX in a staining dev - DiXactol - and it works really, really
well in that - it was a revelation to me as to how good a film it really is.
But that probably doesn't help you at all, as I've not a clue as to if it
works well with PMK.


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Subject: [Leica] BW Film

I realize this might be irrelevant nowdays, but I have some questions about

My PMK kit arrived from Photographer's Formulary. The only film I have right
now is TMX (and some BW400CN which doesn't count). Anyone have any
suggestions on bw films and the best place to on the web? 

I want to find a good source for FP+ -- a long time favorite of mine which I
understand works well with PMK. I'm also looking for other suggestions.
Anyone try Efke or Adox or Lucky? What's the difference between the 25, 50
and 100 ASA versions, aside from the obvious film speed? I mean, is there
really a difference in grain structure. Does it work well with PMK.

There are situations where I'd like to have really slow film so I can shot
at wider apertures in plentiful light. But I'm wondering if the grain
structure, or tonality is markedly different between say Adox 25 and Adox

I'll probably scan the negs with my Minolta or Leaf. But I may print some
the old fashioned way. Again, just looked for input and suggestions. 

Also does anyone know of any forums that are deep into bw film and
processing. I recently moved to a very different environment. The water is
different. The climate and temperature are different. Plus I'm trying out
some new processes. Much to learn, IOW. My objective is to create an
exceptional image and negative, so hopefully the scanning and printing will
be fairly straight forward. I don't want to spend any more time that I have
to piloting a computer. 


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