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Subject: [Leica] Re: Leica users
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Thu Sep 21 15:45:12 2006
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Haven't Leica's always been priced very dearly?  Too dearly
for most young photogs anyway.  Was it here on the LUG or
in the LHSA Viewfinder that someone wrote that at one point
in history the cost of a Leica and a lens approximated the cost
or a new automobile?

Hassie's weren't cheap; Rollei's more so; Sinar's should be made
of gold; and so on and so forth.   So what?

The fact that most young people can't afford the coolest gear is
largely irrelevant, IMHO. Let them use Canons, or maybe Sony
DSLRs in the near future. My first camera was a Canonet.


Lawrence Zeitlin wrote:

> On Sep 20, 2006, at 8:51 AM, Didier wrote:
>> Bernardo
>> Everywhere the large majority of pro photog's use Canon, and if  not, 
>> another DSLR, mostly Nikon. Leica is in a niche market latest  since 
>> the early seventies when the SLR's rolled the field up and  Nikon F 
>> became the new standard small format pro camera.
>> I could imagine that the one or the other pro buys a M8 as second,  
>> third or fourth body, for special purposes, or for it's  compactness, 
>> or for nostalgia.
>> I'm neither a pro nor could I afford a M8, but I'm certainly  lusting 
>> after... :0)
>> Didier
> My favorite camera repair person, Sherry Krauter, told me that Leica  
> owners are aging as fast as their cameras. The proportion of young  
> people who own Leicas is insignificant compared to the legion of  
> nostalgic old farts who hang on to their cameras and lenses. The M8  
> is clearly designed to appeal to this group with a closet full of old  
> lenses and the memories to go with them. When it passes, so will the  
> camera and probably the company.
> On the other hand, I did see a full page ad for the M8 in the latest  
> edition of Travel and Leisure magazine. The ad said nothing about the  
> camera. It just implied that it would be a good fashion accessory for  
> well heeled tourists about to board the QE2. Perhaps there is another  
> market out there. Is Leica returning to its roots?
> Larry Z
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