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Subject: [Leica] Re: Leica users
From: bd at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed Sep 20 13:58:18 2006

Given the lead time involved with those commercials, it probably was an M6
and some 'brilliant' young video director and/or stylist had them pretend it
was digital. Makes about as much sense as those pharma commercials. What was
it for - urinary incontinence, or was it a Viagra commercial and they were
supposed to be on their way to Tijuana for some 'action?'  :-)

On 9/20/06 4:52 PM, "David Rodgers" <> wrote:

> I saw a TV drug commercial the other day showing an open convertible
> with 4 nostalgic old farts laughing over a photo one had just snapped.
> The camera, was a Chrome Leica M. The camera segment was very brief, but
> long enough that they appeared to be chimping. It struck me as lack of
> continuity, but maybe it was an M8! Sure looked like an M6, though.
> I thought someone else might have seen the ad and mentioned it.
> (Certainly I'm not the only one that fits the demographic). :-) I've
> only seen the commercial once, though.
> daveR
> Larry wrote:
>>> My favorite camera repair person, Sherry Krauter, told me that Leica
> owners are aging as fast as their cameras. The proportion of young
> people who own Leicas is insignificant compared to the legion of
> nostalgic old farts who hang on to their cameras and lenses.<<
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