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Subject: [Leica] Kodak Sensor in M8
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Wed Sep 20 01:29:12 2006

Nick I follow what you are saying regarding colour neg being the hardest 
hit. However it would certainly account for the bulk of
film sales and processing. So on volume I imagined that part of the market 
would be economical to maintain for the longest. Slide
and bw films have been much less significant for the average consumer (not 
enthusiast LUG type guys) for a long time, as we all
know. Now a niche in the niche. Still though, like RF cameras a viable 
niche, we hope.
Keep on buying film, (and the same choices, it seems). We LUG folk might be 
5 percent of the market.


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I have always assumed that colour neg would be the FIRST to go, as it is the 
medium most obviously replaced by digital. I am also a
little surprised that Kodak are not only still in film production, but have 
recently revamped their Portra films. For me, Kodachrome
died when they stopped the 25, and I've never been a heavy user of their 
other emulsions, and if I'm honest, I would rather see
Kodak pull out of film altogether to make the market more potentially 
profitable for Ilford and Fuji, whose products I do use!

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Kodak Sensor in M8

It really is an interesting point though regarding Kodak's position in the 
market place. When I was a young adult in the photo
business in the 70's, Kodak was seen as the giant in film.
Now they are amongst the leaders in sensor design/production, but that film 
business seems to be just barely hanging on in my
perception. I still have my Kodak letter advising of the death of Kodachrome 
here in Australia. Also had to find a replacement for
HD200 and that was a colour neg film that I used a lot of in compact cameras 
particularly. I thought colour neg would be the last to
fold, but that range too is narrowing.

Hoppy with a lot of Astia, Velvia, Provia, Reala, Superia and Ilford bw's in 
my stockpile.

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