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Subject: [Leica] Not my usual subjects - and in color
From: dlridings at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Wed Sep 20 01:06:55 2006
References: <> <> <>

My browser works just as you explain it should.

When I click on BD's links, a new browser window opens, fills the
screen, but when I am finished looking, I can just kill that window
and my original browser window remains untouched.

I haven't done anything special. In fact, right now I am sitting at
someone else's machine and I still get the kind of behavior I want.

BD has explained earlier, the slow loading times are not a problem.
Clients who can afford him can afford good machines.


On 9/19/06, Jeff Moore <> wrote:
> 2006-09-19-14:00:19 Brian Reid:
> > Your website grabbed control of my screen, expanded the browser to fill 
> > the
> > entire screen, and then didn't put it back the way it was when I left 
> > your
> > website. Tch tch. Ill manners.
> I have to agree -- in fact, I just finished muttering a few oaths under
> my breath as that happened again, because I'd forgotten to prepare for
> it.  B.D.'s photos are good enough that it's worth putting up with,
> especially if you remember to create a new browser window to open his
> site in, so your working browser window's size and location aren't
> messed with -- then you can just close the broken window after you've
> seen what you went to BDWorld to see.
> But it's clearly antisocial behavior, and a sign that whoever
> implemented the site operates with that borderline-sociopath presumption
> some sitebuilders get that their site, if visited, must be the only
> truly interesting and important thing on the user's desktop.
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