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Subject: [Leica] Re: OT Chinese Food
From: Thinkofcole at (
Date: Tue Sep 12 13:37:29 2006


I guess it's what you order... and , of course, your expectations...
I generally ask for sea food with some simple sauce, white rice and black  
tea...if they have dim sum [dim sim] I often try that...
I never eat egg rolls or shrimp rolls, or fried rice or egg foo yung or  
suey or chow mein or moo goo gai pan or any similar Chinese restaurant  
staples and, in my experience, I've rarely had a problem...I find the best  
food in the big cities but mostly passable Chinese food elsewhere... The  
worst Chinese food is in American food courts but I've even had acceptable 
there...regards, bob
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Have to  say I don't agree with that at all. Far too much of the "Chinese" 
food I've  had in restaurants is awful, and what we've said about lack of a 
single Indian  cuisine of course counts for Chinese food. The only places 
ever really  enjoyed Chinese food wherever I've chosen to eat were in Hong 
and  Malaysia and Singapore - for the rest, the odd place is acceptable, but 
all  too many serve a pale pastich of whatever they're aiming at.  IMVHO.

However, in general I prefer to always choose the local cuisine,  and I 
recall the last place where that wasn't such a good  idea.


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Subject: [Leica] Re: OT Chinese Food

On the  negative side, when the Chinese restaurant owners left Cuba after   
Castro and opened all over  Manhattan, their Cuban food was --and  is  -- 
and their Chinese food was -- and is  --worse...

On the positive side, years ago when Robert Ruark, the  author, wrote for  
New York Journal American, I believe, he said  that wherever he traveled, he 
could always be sure of an acceptable  meal at a Chinese restaurant...While  
they vary widely, of course, I  adopted a similar system and have rarely 

regards, bob  cole

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