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Subject: [Leica] was eyeliner, now shooting through it
From: don.dory at (Don Dory)
Date: Tue Sep 5 21:04:23 2006
References: <>

The solution to the no pictures today vision is to start taking pictures.
Once the brain realizes that you are going to put it to work you will start
to see images again.  You might waste a couple of rolls, but then you don't
have to deveolp them right away.


On 9/5/06, H. Ball Arche <> wrote:
> Ted wrote:
> >I was recently told by one of my grandson's it's the
> fashion to have >some
> >kind of piercing showing these days. That was when I
> saw him with >this
> >protruding piece of metal sticking through his lip.
> >
> >When I first saw him after many months of being away
> I immediately >played
> >dumb and asked. "Oh my gosh Chris what happened when
> you fell on >your face?"
> >Knowing full well of course it was a damn piercing
> job.
> Careful there Ted, you don't want to give him an
> excuse to write you off as a codger. At least, that's
> the way my mind worked 35 years ago when I had hair
> halfway to my ass - it irked my dad no end. Of course,
> now I have no hair. I wonder what the karmic
> retribution for peircing-out-of-snottiness is? Tooth
> loss to extreme cavities?
> >Now Arche back to your series! :-)
> >
> >It's real down home documentive material much like we
> saw back in >the 50's &
> >'60's. Your straight forward style is what makes it
> work so well. Each >shot
> >has it's own tale of being at the fair showing in
> many cases the >mental and
> >emotional feelings of the subjects.
> >
> >This is a topic one can work on year after year and
> rarely have a >repeat
> >image. And if you do? Well it's called "editing
> fiercely" constantly
> >building the series to be better and better.
> >
> >I'd not throw any away, that is unless it's so
> obviously a miss it goes. >But
> >what might interest you today, maybe far more
> interesting 50 or 100 >years
> >from now.
> >So for the moment I'd keep shooting the fall fairs as
> they come.
> The big State Fair starts this weekend, and I'm
> clearing the deck to have two days to shoot in.
> It's a stunning compliment to be compared to the sort
> of work done in the '50's & '60's, which I see as a
> golden age for that kind of photography; I hope in the
> long run I can measure up to it. A good, true
> photograph has its own time, as you know, and have
> proven again and again.
> >I went to one here on the Island yesterday,
> absolutely not in the right
> >frame of mind to be anywhere and it was a disaster
> which became a >"select
> >all-delete all" when I came home! :-(
> >
> >It happens to all of us some days, even though it's
> fun. Yesterday? A >black
> >hole! :-( Damn good thing it wasn't a paid
> assignment! :-(
> Yeah, there's those days where you walk around and
> just can't see anything. Its as if you've gone blind,
> even though you KNOW there's always a shot, but you
> just can't see it. One day on, the next day absolute
> crap, a small death.
> >So once again after looking through yours I felt
> better as yer doing a >fine
> >shoot and motivated me to have another go next week.
> Thanks. Well >done mon
> >ami!
> >
> >ted
> All Right! The next roll is golden - let's get off our
> asses and SHOOT! I'll be thinking of you while I'm at
> it,
> Arche
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