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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [Leica] Will is win big?]
From: walt at (Walt Johnson)
Date: Sat Aug 12 10:04:53 2006
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Some historians have researched religion enough to put a finger on 
intolerance and fanaticism. More often than not Christianity seems to 
take top honors as the most intolerant. That notwithstanding, it seems 
we have no trouble falling into the  trap of racial prejudice. Old 
Golda's statement about Arabs not loving their children enough is a  
prime example.

Having covered new events from about 1968 to the mid 90's opened my eyes 
and ruined me for polite company .The most unnerving situations  I 
recall revolved around religion or patriotism. Christian fundamentalists 
are some scary folks and super patriots are as well. I remember seeing a 
disable Viet vet jumped at a pro/anti war rally. He was roughed up by 
"real Americans" with flags and bibles who supported  the  
"anti-commie"  stance of our leaders. (Nixon at that time) Poor fellow 
made the mistake of being on the wrong side. Of course, something about 
getting shot may change your political outlook?

This previous scene just popped into my head but I always joke around 
about having shot everything there is to shoot. I'm sure that isn't 
really true but I do have a hard time putting my finger on things I've 
not covered. Bart may well be correct in his assessment of 
Islamofascists (now that's a neat word I've not seen before) but I'll 
take non-believers over any fundamentalists, hands down. One solution 
I've advocated several times would surely work well.

             Take a bevy of Zionists. Add an equal amount of 
             Flavor with assorted brands of Islamofascists and add sharp 
             Come back in a week to see who has the best god.

To keep on track since this is about photography my Rapidwinder is a 
fantastic tool. I was kidding about 3 frames a sec but who knows, a bit 
of practice and.....

Walt wrote:

>In a message dated 8/11/06 10:04:57 AM, writes:
><< I think it is 
>naive for us to believe that we can reach a true and honest  
>understanding over a conference table.  Impossible?  Only God, or Allah, 
>knows, but I fear for us all  if we continue to turn the other cheek.  
>The Israelis, Middle Easterners themselves, understand this far better 
>than we do. >>
>I have rarely heard it put more succinctly, or accurately.  The 
>Islamofascists regard tolerance and willingness to negotiate as indicative 
>of just one 
>thing: a weakness to be exploited.
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