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Subject: [Leica] Epson R2400 printer issue
From: don.dory at (Don Dory)
Date: Sun Aug 6 06:31:53 2006
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This is primarily an issue of the original sellar not taking care of the
customer.  If any of you buy from a reputable dealer and in a reasonable
amount of time find the product causing difficulties then you should return
the device for exchange to the dealer.  Anything humans make can be faulty
so a reasonable person would only shop at places that will take things back.

One reason I tend to make large purchases from brick and mortar in my area
is the ability to deal with real humans.

Now, as to Epsons, I have had four starting at the origianl photo stylus and
now up to a 9800.  No issues with any of them except the 1270 finally blew
its heads after a long hard life.  I have many friends who use the 2400 and
pump out prints all the time with no issues.  All kinds of paper from the
thick poster boards down to that thin polyester stuff people use for contact
printing haven't caused any grief.  So, there are lemons out and about that
should be dealt with.

Brian, I am sure that the new machine will work well as it will either be
really new or at least a solid refurbished model.  Hopefully making
prints will be fun again.


On 8/5/06, Brian Reid <> wrote:
> I bought an Epson R2400 printer in March 2006, and my experience has been
> that when it is working, it is a magnificent printer, but that it is 
> finicky
> and troublesome and frequently does strange things. I've made a couple of
> calls to Epson technical support, but nothing useful came out of them.
> This morning I decided to be stubborn about it, and stayed on the phone
> with tech support until we reached a resolution that I was happy with. The
> problem that made me call them is that it had become increasingly difficult
> to turn the printer on. When the printer was new, I had to hit the "on"
> button 2 or 3 times before it would succeed. The last time I turned it on, 
> a
> month ago, I had to hit the "on" button about 25 times to turn it on.
> It got unplugged yesterday, and today I stopped counting at 30 times
> pushing the "on" button. Each unsuccessful push of the button caused the
> machine to act like it was turning on, but then suddenly to forget that I
> had asked it to turn on, and just turn itself off.
> After a long conversation with the Epson tech support person, they agreed
> that this was a manufacturing defect and that they would replace the
> printer. They will send me a replacement and I will return the defective
> unit in the box that the replacement shipped in.
> SO: if you've had trouble with your Epson R2400 turning itself off shortly
> after you turn it on, call tech support and harangue them; they might
> replace your printer.
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