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Subject: [Leica] Slide projection
From: s.dimitrov at (Slobodan Dimitrov)
Date: Fri Jul 28 17:14:12 2006
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I did a presentation a couple weeks ago with a digital projector.I  
wasn't too happy with the quality. On top of that, one of the  
participants suggested we use a slide projector, and I was the one  
who objected and pushed for the computer projection.
I was definitely sorry, half into the presentation, that we hadn't  
taken the time to shoot a few slides.

Slobodan Dimitrov
Studio G-8,
Angels Gate Cultural Center

On Jul 26, 2006, at 7:49 PM, Jim Hemenway wrote:

> Oh... I still use a high end Carousel for 35mm and a Rollei P66s  
> for medium format.  I don't see how any digital projection can be  
> better at this time... maybe in the next few years.
> Jim
> John Collier wrote:
>> By the gods, if this is the start of another whiskey thread, I am   
>> going to shot myself.
>> :-)
>> It is nice to be back and see that the usual are still drinking  
>> xtol  and trying to develop film in Glenfiddich. I do have a  
>> serious  question though. I like projected slides as they are  
>> stunning to look  at and my photos need all the help they can get.  
>> If I can't get much  awe at least I can shock. Anyway, while there  
>> have been advances  galore in digital capture, have there been any  
>> advances in digital  projection or in the digital production of  
>> slides?
>> Frankly my wife doesn't mind me buying gear; it is the film and   
>> processing that has her seeing Kodak reds and Fuji greens.
>> John Collier
>> On 26-Jul-06, at 8:05 PM, Jim Hemenway wrote:
>>> I still like alcohol!
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