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Subject: The state of PJ Today - was: BD's Re: [Leica] So for... -
From: yup at (doug kim)
Date: Sun May 7 20:35:59 2006

my friend is a photo editor at knight ridder and she throws these dinner
parties and says you can tell who are the photojournalists and who are the
corporate shooters. the corporate ad guys are always wearing nice trendy
clothes and the photojournalists are wearing what they wore last year.

i don't think photojournalists ever made money. and there are great shooters
out there now working for papers but their work is periodic while the hack
stuff is featured daily.


On 5/7/06 5:37 PM, "B. D. Colen" <> wrote:

> Well that - the situation at the Observer - has to do with newspaper
> salaries in general, not the state of photojournalism. Since the beginning
> of time, people have left newspapering for fields like PR - :- ) - when 
> they
> realized they needed to put their kids through college, etc. Yes, reporters
> and photographers at the New York Times, Washington Post, etc., can support
> themselves with their newspaper salaries. But at the smaller papers? And,
> yes, when senior people leave these days, most papers are filling their 
> jobs
> with cheap kids - but so are banks, so are oil companies, so are companies
> in most industries. Times are tough for everyone.
> On 5/7/06 7:23 PM, "Tina Manley" <images@InfoAve.Net> wrote:
>> At 04:43 PM 5/7/2006, you wrote:
>>> You know what, Tina - they've always been the exception. The people doing
>>> work worth thinking about for more than five minutes - in any field of
>>> endeavor - are always the exception.
>> I agree, but I was responding to Scott's post about the state of
>> photojournalism today.   There were several photographers for the
>> local newspapers (Charlotte Observer, in particular) whose work I
>> admired and looked for in every newspaper.  They have all had to look
>> for other lines of work - teaching, weddings, portraits, commercial
>> photography - because they have families and cannot continue to
>> pursue their dreams of changing the world through
>> photojournalism.  The ones left to fill the slots in paper are,
>> without exception, recent graduates willing to work for nothing to
>> get their photos in print.  Photography has become a commodity and
>> photographers are referred to as "content providers" by
>> publishers.  It's very depressing to me that excellence is not
>> rewarded except in exceptional cases.
>> Tina
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doug kim

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