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Subject: [Leica] why we photograph?
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Tue Apr 4 10:28:41 2006
References: <4F488248ADCD6C419976DFE43A115091EBABD4@SV-EX01.jp2hs.campus>

A. Why do you photograph?

For fun, for discipline in seeing and experiencing, for money, for 
getting to places I otherwise can't, to fix memories or at least to 
round out and make some of those memories more accessible.

B. What's your primary subject matter?

For money, usually buildings and the built environment.

For fun and other reasons, almost anything. That doesn't mean I take 
any type of picture, as I often see pictures I like but that I would 
never take, even if I stood in the same spot with the same camera at 
the same times as the photographer.

I take pictures of scenics, macro subjects, wildlife, travel, people 
in general but particularly my family and most other things that get 
in the way of the line of sight of my lenses. :-)

C. Why?

I have a wide range of interests, which is one of the reasons I 
became an architect. Architecture encourages this lack of focus :-), 
while most other professions discourage it. With architectural 
photography, I get to see many types of structures at various stages 
of their life from all aspects; much more so than if I was only an 
architect working only on my own or my firm's projects. I take 
pictures of the site and surroundings where the building is to go, I 
take pictures of similar sites and buildings, of early model studies, 
of finished presentations, both 2 and 3 dimensional, of building 
products at various stages of their lives and in various 
circumstances, of people making the products, making the decisions, 
building the buildings, of the skeletons of buildings as well as the 
holes that buildings will be put into, of display suites, of view 
that tenants in the buildings will have when the buildings are 
finished, of the view from the air of where buildings will be and 
are, and of course of finished buildings from the inside and out, 
with and without people. And also of bridges, industrial complexes 
and other construction projects at various stages. This latter group 
I would generally not have access in my architectural work if I 
wasn't a photographer.

I love the outdoors, so I take pictures of the outdoors whether those 
be scenics, little tiny things or wildlife. I love to travel, so.....

And of course, the people I interact with and especially those that 
are very important to me, are always subjects.

    *            Henning J. Wulff
   /|\      Wulff Photography & Design
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