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Subject: [Leica] Re Leica: Colorprints from negative or positive colorfilms?
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Mon Jan 23 06:25:09 2006
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The other thing to consider is the calibration of printer and screen, 
take a look at Spyder and Gretag-Macbeth on the web, I use a Spyder 2 
and was amazed at what a difference calibration makes to my prints. 
this site says a lot about what you have to look out for.

Douglas Herr wrote:

>on 1/23/06 4:40 AM, Stein Rune Johansen at wrote:
>>Is there someone outhere having experience with prints from colorpositiv 
>>compared to prints from colornegative film. I am only using corlornegative
>>film, but sometimes get disappointed with the colorsaturation in the 
>>Will prints from ex. Velvia 50 be more saturated?
>>Stein Rune Johansen
>It depends on how the prints are made.  If your film is scanned and printed
>digitally numeraous adjustments can be made to the imge data before
>printing, bearing in mind the image properties lost in gaining saturation.
>If you increase saturation by switching to Velvia you will probably
>sacrifice some shadow or highlight detail, or both, because of Velvia's more
>limited exposure latitude.  Likewise, increasing saturation in an
>image-editing program like Photoshop probably will sacrifice some tonal
>I find that for the best combination of saturation and tonal gradation for a
>particular film you should use a camera lens that produces a minimum of
>flare.  Even when bright lights are not within the picture area, light
>reflecting off the lens surfaces can reduce the color saturation.  In some
>lenses this effect is negligible and in other lenses the difference is
>As a rule of thumb a lens with more air/glass surfaces will be more likely
>to flare than one with fewer, everthing else being equal (which they rarely
>are).  Also a multi-coated lens is less likely to flare than an older
>single-coated or uncoated lens.  There are exceptions to this rule-of-thumb
>and neither multi-coating nor fewer air/glass surfaces is a universal
>panacea, but theses are things optical engineers consider when designing a
>lens.  Always use an appropriate lens hood to minimize stray light's
>influence on your pictures.
>Doug Herr
>Birdman of Sacramento
>Leica Users Group.
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