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Subject: [Leica] Canon 30D?
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Wed Jan 18 22:53:28 2006
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I had used an Olympus OM-1 then OM-4 for size and weight when I  
needed reflex. I also liked the aperture ring being where I expected  
it to be. I hate motor drives, but only for their bulk and weight, I  
don't mind the function! I eventually got a Canon EOS 1n, most of the  
pros I knew said it was the best. It was sort of acceptable since I  
did not buy the motor power booster. The Nikon F5 and the typical  
Canon EOS 1 with power booster, the commonest pro choices for film,  
were both big and heavy like the bigger pro digital SLRs now. The  
majority of other pro quality film SLRs were as big as the current  
other digital SLRs now.
Small light SLR cameras such as the Olympus and M series Pentax were  
the exception rather than the rule, the Nikon F3 was a lovely camera,  
as long as you kept the motor off it!

On 18 Jan, 2006, at 22:05, Richard S. Taylor wrote:

> My last big, heavy SLR was a Nikon F3 and it was a miniature  
> compared to the current crop of film and digital SLRs.  I used a  
> Pentax ME for many years, too.  That was just about the right size  
> as far as I was concerned but you give up a lot of ruggedness in  
> those smaller cameras.

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