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Subject: [Leica] Screwmount camera recommendations
From: feli2 at (feli)
Date: Mon Jan 9 10:29:48 2006

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>From: Marc James Small <>

>There are no such tables in Erwin's book:  I just checked my copy.

Appendencies 7.1

Theonly comment Erwin makes about Leitz production is that the factory had
>completely reconverted from military production back to civilian production
>by the time the War ended in May, 1945, a point confirmed to me a decade
>back by Tink Ewald, then the photographer for the US Army Engineer
>battalion which captured Wetlar, and also confirmed in Emil Keller's books.

Appendencies 7.1

Read about how they started with a clean slate and serial number block for 
after they stopped their production in late 1944.

I'm not at home right now (got the above info from the PDF version of 
Erwin's book),
so I can't backtrack how I came to that conclusion (it's been a few years), 
but using
the information given in his book and serialnumber lists, I concluded that 
my camera
was made in 1945. Also, if I remember correctly the serial number on the 
Elmar that 
came with it, fits in that first batch starting at #595000. The person I 
bought the camera
from said her father got it in Germany after the war. As far as she knew it 
was the only
Leica he had ever owned and it sat in a drawer for a few decades, so I am 
assuming the
lens was purchased with the camera.

When I get home I'll take a look at the camera and try to remember how I 
came to that

>I have never heard of a monthly break-out of IIIc production and am most
>curious as to your source for this.

Neither have I. I based my conclusion on blocks of serial numbers and Leica 
starting with a clean slate at 595000, for lenses after the war.


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