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Subject: [Leica] Re: [LRflex] Digital Leica "M"
From: jerryleh at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Tue Dec 6 09:30:33 2005
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Prices such as that would limit me (and others) to the second-hand
market, as they have for film Leicas. BUT do you think that there will
be a viable market for USED digital cameras?  Nothing has stabilized
in the digital photo world.  A 2 year old digital camera would be
obsolete. The advancement/ features curve vs. time is far too steep.

Used digital cameras will be like used computers; landfill, and toxic
landfill at that!  Yes I know that there are a handful of so-called
"classic" computer collectors, like slide rule collectors.

I'm addressing this also to the LUG, even though I can't read the
response as my server deleted all LUG sent mail.


David Young wrote:

> This is slightly off-topic, but still Leica. You may have seen it on the
> LEG, if you're a member, but for those of us who are not, this might be
> interesting.
> ---
> According to Stefan Daniels, some prototypes [of the digital 'M'] are
> taking shots already. It's supposed to be announced and deliverable by
> Photokina. We'll see.
> Form factor of the M7, 1.5mm thicker due to 2.5" LCD on back; SD cards,
> Li-Ion battery, shutter essentially that of the R9 (1/8000 to speed)
> with motor cocking, sensor made by Kodak and firmware/electronics by
> German company, not Imacon due to problems with DMR quality control.
> 1.33 crop factor, 10.5 Mp, viewfinder with 5 or 6 line sets; all lenses
> except those that didn't work with the M5/CL are compatible. A new wide,
> probably 15, will be introduced to extend wideangle use, but will also
> cover film, so likely to be large and expensive (my guess; see 15
> Distagon for Zeiss rangefinder). Price projected at this time: $5000 USD.
> ---
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