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Subject: [Leica] DownEast
From: Jim at (Jim Hemenway)
Date: Tue Nov 8 05:28:30 2005
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Thanks, this was one of those times when I couldn't decide which ones to 

I apologize to you and to the other folks who responded to my DownEast 
photos for my tardiness in responding.  Until last week, our weather was 
very WET for most of October.  So, I've been out shooting every other 
day beginning with Sunday the 30th and haven't been spending much time 
with the internet or with my email.


Philippe Orlent wrote:
> If I had to choose 4 from them, it would be these:
> Whirlpool
> ThePoint-5: 
> Castine-1
> FarmView-2
> Thanks for showing,
> Philippe
>>From: Jim Hemenway <>
>>Reply-To: Leica Users Group <>
>>Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 16:47:00 -0500
>>To: LUG <>
>>Subject: [Leica] DownEast
>>Hi Folks:
>>I went to Maine with my daughter and son-in-law on Columbus Day
>>weekend... to his family's summer place which was a small farm in the 
>>I had planned to shoot some photos with my 11x14 at nearby Acadia Nat'l
>>Park, but the wind and heavy rain put an end to that idea.
>>We had twelve inches of rain in two days... just 1/8th inch more and we
>>would have been "not responded to by FEMA".
>>I shot some photos after the worst of the rain tapered down:
>>None of the photos really convey the rain.  As my daughter said, "It
>>doesn't look nearly as rainy as I remember it".
>>Four of them are my favorites but I need to edit out some of these,
>>please let me know what you think.
>>P.S. The very last photo shows a whirlpool next to a flooded road.  I've
>>never seen one before in nature, only in a bathtub.  It sounded the same
>>but was louder and larger, about six inches across at it's widest. When
>>I put a leaf into it, it popped out on the other side of the road in two
>>seconds... pretty fast. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me to dial
>>up the ISO from 200.
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