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Subject: [Leica] Speaking of medium format
From: langeratcarleton at (Mark Langer)
Date: Wed Jul 6 12:19:35 2005
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You should not be having this problem with your Bessa II.  They do
have some trouble with a loose front standard.  There was a thread
about how to correct this problem on IDCC a couple of years ago.  You
can join the group and ask how to correct this, or I can ask the
question on the group on your behalf.  Another problem could be with
the collimation of your lens.  Just because the rangefinder indicates
infinity at infinity, it doesn't mean that your lens is focussing at
infinity at infinity.  You can check to see if this is the problem by
putting the camera on a tripod, aiming it at something at least a mile
away.  Open up the back of the camera and cover the film gate with
Scotch Magic Tape -- not the regular kind, but the kind that has a
frosted finish.  This makes a dandy substitute for ground glass. 
Focus the rangefinder on infinity.  Is the image on the tape also in
focus?  Then try doing this again by focussing on an object that is,
say 10 ft. away.  See if the lens and the rangefinder are in


On 7/6/05, Alan Magayne-Roshak 

> My Bessa II is in very good condition, but the Color-Skopar is
> disappointing.  away from the center of the image. It has a "smeary" look
> unless stopped down to f/16 or f/22.  Can just a little bit of play in the
> front standard have this much effect on the image?  The RF seems right on,
> for an object at the center of the frame.
> I also have an Ansco Super-Speedex that has a terrific Solinar lens, but on
> backlit pictures it seems that I get glare bouncing off the area behind the
> bellows but just in front of the film aperture.  A lens hood doesn't
> eliminate this problem.  Black felt glued here helps some.
> Alan
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