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Subject: [Leica] kodak DCS Pro SLR/C
From: msadat at (mehrdad)
Date: Mon Jul 4 14:11:46 2005
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i also have the kodsk slr/c canon mount and all i can say is just
excellent , it has the best color i have seen out of a digital camera
and it beats canon and nikon very easily . they also have an excellent
buffer much much better than the nikon d2x and canon 1dsii which means
you can shoot more but it is not a sports camera. i do have r systems
but have not tried it on the kodak camera since it does not have a
split focusing screen

On 7/4/05, Gene E. McCluney <> wrote:
> >
> >Rei , Camera is a real buggy dog of a slow shooter
> >chromatic aberrations , corrupted files  ,  finicky about
> >its media  etc etc ...
> >
> >Was good replacement for a view camera with architectural
> >shooting but that was several years back only some times is
> >this camera is quicker to use then a 4x5 on location ....
> >
> >Only thing it had going for it was  wide lens were wide
> >.... good software & early on good  tech support from kodak
> >, tech support has gone soft recently &  now that it is
> >discontinued  sure that not going to improve things ......
> >
> >Realize that you didn't mention &  that I am not answering
> >question exactly but don't even think about buying this
> >camera would be nothing but headaches and endless
> >frustrations ....
> >
> >G'day
> >
> >Charles
> >
> I take exception to the comments regarding the Kodak DCS 14mp cameras.
> While I cant speak for the Canon mount bodies,  I own and use in my 
> business
> a DCS 14n and a DCS SLR/n  (both Nikon mount),  I shoot raw and use the
> Adobe CS Raw convertor, and I find that FOR MY NEEDS they perform
> flawlessly and I get good repeatable results.
> I shoot products in studio environment, and I shoot location work with
> good lighting.  I even took one of these cameras with me to Africa last
> year and got some stunning scenics from which I have made 20x30 inch
> wall prints that are wonderful.
> I have not found either camera to be "buggy".  I have not found either
> camera to be slow to take photos.  It does take a few seconds for the
> camera to come on after you turn it on, but once on, it shoots just
> fine.
> It is not an "unavailable light" camera.   If you realize this and keep
> your light levels up, these cameras produce images comparable to
> any, and more resolution than any DSLR with the exception of the
> Canon 16mp one.   I have never experienced corrupted files, ever.
> I have had a Microdrive fail on me, but that was the microdrive
> fault, not the camera.   I didn't lose any files.  It failed after
> downloading files to my computer, and wasn't in the camera when
> it failed.
> Also the Kodak cameras have the widest dynamic range, and allow
> you to recover highlight detail that would be clipped with other
> cameras.
> The Kodak cameras, not having an Anti-aliasing filter, are lens-critical,
> and will show defects from inferior lenses.  The better glass you
> use, the better the captures will be, therefore considering the
> Canon mount model, using Leica R glass with a mount adaptor,
> would seem to be a match made in heaven.
> Gene McCluney
> McCluney Commercial Photography
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> Leica Users Group.
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  regards, mehrdad

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