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Subject: [Leica] Speaking of medium format, I've picked up a 1954Rolleicord...
From: don.dory at (Don Dory)
Date: Mon Jul 4 09:56:55 2005
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No flames here, I just was not able to find any well built folders for
really cheap.  All the folders that I came across had shutter issues,
or lack of stiffness once extended, or obvious leaks in the bellows.

In my travels, if I come across a nice folder near that magical $100
range I will probably acquire one.  It would cerainly be smaller than
my Fuji 690GL.


On 7/4/05, Mark Langer <> wrote:
> Without taking anything away from the virtues of the Rollei, I'm
> surprised that people on a Leica Users Group wouldn't be waxing poetic
> over the virtues of medium format folders, rather than TLRs.  Folders
> just seem to be more in tune with the Barnack ethos.  Folders have the
> Leica virtue of compactness (certainly by comparison to a TLR) and
> many of them are equipped with coupled rangefinders, which also puts
> the cameras in the same league as a Leica.
> A Bessa II (mine has the Color Heliar lens, but they also come with
> the great 4 element Color Skopar and the legendary Apo Lanthar)
> collapses to the size of a M body without the lens.  It yields
> fantastic 6x9 images, yet you can slide it into a jacket pocket.  My
> Super Ikonta B 6x6 has a very nice Tessar lens, that although uncoated
> (there are later coated versions) is remarkably resistant to flare.
> Also can be carried in a jacket pocket.  For the ultimate in
> compactness, I use a Perkeo II.  It lacks a coupled rangefinder, but I
> love the Color Skopar lens on this, and the camera can be carried in a
> shirt pocket.  This is the medium format equivalent of the Rollei 35.
> I'm not trying to start a flame war with the Rollei fans, but my
> fondness for rangefinders leads me to prefer engaging with my subject
> through a direct finder, rather than through a ground glass.  Added to
> the reversal of directions on the focussing screen of a TLR (which I
> find distracting), I am too conscious of focussing on the glass,
> rather than on the subject.  I just feel more connected to the subject
> itself when using a rangefinder or viewfinder.   I'm surprised that
> other Leica users are not drawn to medium format folders for the same
> reason.
> The other great virtue of the folders is that it is important to me to
> have a camera with me as often as possible.  I'm not as likely to slip
> a TLR into a pocket as I am to carry a folder.  Perhaps I'm just too
> worried about  people asking "Is that a TLR in your pocket, or are you
> just glad to see me."   When the decisive moment comes, if you don't
> have your camera, you don't have your picture.
> Finally, medium format folders make superlative travel cameras.  Sure,
> a Rolleicord is light, but not particularly copact.  Folders take up
> very little space and tend to be light -- this may be relative, but
> even the heavy Super Ikonta B is a featherweight compared to some
> TLRs, like the Mamiyas or the Kalloflex.  When you are schlepping your
> luggage by yourself, every pound saved is a blessing.
> Is anyone else a medium format folder maven?
> Mark
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