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Subject: [Leica] Lens inspiration
From: langeratcarleton at (Mark Langer)
Date: Thu Jun 16 17:45:53 2005
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I  agree with you on the Jupiter.  I should add parenthetically that
I've also had good experience with the humble Industar 50/3.5, but the
Jupiter 3 is a favorite.  I've never used one of the black finishd
ones, but have experience with the "white metal" ones.  A great
bargain.  The basic Zeiss Sonnar is a favorite lens of mine.  I really
regret sellling a wartime coated one that had been cleaned and
collimated by Henry Scherer, but I have, in Contax mount, a very early
postwar CZJ one and a Zeiss Opton one.  All are superior to a not very
clean Summarit that I once had, and to some other oddities of the 50s,
like a Tokyo Optical Simlar 50/1.5 in LTM that graces a Leotax I own. 
But I'm a huge fan of Zeiss glass.  My dream is to find a reasonably
priced adapter that will allow me to mount my Contax 21mm lens on a
Leica -- non-rangefinder coupled will do.  But it is hardly a hardship
for me to use it on one of my pre and postwar Contaxes.


On 6/16/05, Marc James Small <> wrote:

> There is a book in this tale.
> The Jupiter-3 lens design is that of the Prewar Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar as
> continued, Postwar, in production by the Communist CZJ works, though
> slightly different from the western Zeiss-Opton or Carl Zeiss lenses.
> Early Jupiter-3 lenses were almost certainly produced at Jena in Germany
> from Zeiss parts.  Quality control on the Jupiter-3 line was always tighter
> than that on many of the other Soviet lenses.
> It has been my experience that the finest and most consistent lenses of
> this breed are those produced by the ZOMZ works, these being relatively
> late lenses finished in flat-black paint.  Look for serial numbers
> beginning with 83.. or 84.. or the like, up to 94.. or so.
> A solid Jupiter-3 is a magnificent lens:  the design dates from 1932 and
> was one only equalled by Leitz with its second version of the 50mm
> Summilux.  A good Jupiter-3 will certainly overwhelm a Summarit in all
> optical parameters, stalwart though the Summarit may be.
> Marc
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