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Subject: [Leica] OT: canon 1dsII now has a wireless network transmitter
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Sat May 21 07:24:38 2005
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I'll agree with you on shooting RAW. Just started fiddling with that and
it's churn, churn, churn. Huge files and slow processing. Still, me'thinks
it'll have its uses.

As for "digital darkroom," I often get pleasure from working an image.
No, not bizzaro PS graphical effects, but some selective levels work (I use
PWP with the convenient mask feature), some digital dodging and burning,
with color (oh, so rarely) some selective color correction, trying different
sharpening approaches. With digi, I'll try different mono conversions, and
with film, I'll sometimes backup and try a different scanning approach.

It's fun and gratifying to mix one's labor (and "vision" I guess) with 
the final
print, and just sometimes, maybe worth the effort :-)


Ted Grant wrote:

> "mehrdad" offered:
>> i think u missed the point, i rather be shooting and not juggling raw
>> files, transferring, processing and printing. if  you do any kind of
>> heavy digital shooting, you would know that there is a lot of time
>> spent on the computer and i personally hate it.<<<
> Hi Mehrdad,
> I think what happens with many people doing digital is, they drive 
> themselves crazy with over work by fiddling every picture to death 
> trying to make it better. Raw? Hell that's a quick way to death! Shoot 
> everything JPEG and quick is far better and much easier on ones work 
> staring at the screen!
> An example... look at this web site for quality pictures and tell me 
> why you shoot RAW when all these photographs were shot.... JPEG!
>    Then click on "PICTURES OF THE WEEK!"
> Why shoot RAW? It's nothing but a pain in the ass and more work!
> My routine when handling digital images on the computer? JPEG
> I bring the shot up, click autolevels, auto contrast, check autocolour 
> sometimes, usually I don't bother, size and print with preview!
> Wham bam thank you m'am!  And that's it. 4X6 to 13X19 prints. I think 
> too many people become mesmerized with all the digital techie crap 
> that it becomes a major over load of time and fussing with numbers and 
> techie stuff instead of maintaining the fun of photography.
> I work in exactly the same manner as I did and do in the darkroom, 
> KISS, and get the job done! Be that 5X7 or 16X20 prints. I know chaps 
> who produce 1 or 2 16X20 prints in a day. Where I do maybe a dozen or 
> more as I print in the same fashion as knocking off a couple of 8X10 
> prints. it's a no brainer! You can't think and do it quickly and 
> precisely!
> Digital isn't any different. Too much fussing isn't going to make a 
> so-so picture any better. It's much easier to shoot good ones right 
> off and print with simplicity.
> I know all kinds of people are going to come back and say.... "you 
> can't get good prints that way!"  Sure you can, particularly if you 
> haven't tried! ;-)
> ted
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