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Subject: [Leica] mobile phones and breakneck speeds
From: nathan.wajsman at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Thu May 19 20:42:35 2005
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My car does not have cruise control, my foot is it...

Perhaps I should have qualified my statements a bit. I do not speed in 
towns. I do not accelerate pointlessly when the right changes to green 
only to slam on the brakes at the next intersection. But when I drive 
somewhere far away, I will drive as fast as is reasonable in order to 
get there. "Reasonable" depends on road conditions, the volume of 
traffic, the speed limit, and whether or not there are speed cameras 

So, for example, if I am driving to Denmark on a Sunday, I will drive 
around 140 km/h in the Netherlands, slowing down near cities since that 
is where the speed cameras are; once in Germany (most of the drive), I 
open it up, as do other drivers, since there is no general speed limit 
on the Autobahn. And if the weather is good and the traffic light, then 
there is nothing wrong in going 160 or 180, whatever you are comfortable 
with, given your driving skills and the state of your car. Even at those 
speeds I am frequently passed by others. Then, once I cross into 
Denmark, I slow down to around 140-150 again, since the speed limit is 
110 or 130 and the motorways tend to be a bit more curvy than in Germany.

I do not believe any of the above is unsafe in any way, and is certainly 
not related to intelligence. Both intelligent and stupid people can 
drive fast or slowly, and I have seen all permutations of that.


Simon Ogilvie wrote:
> On 5/19/05, Timothy Atherton <> wrote:
>>I didn't think you could go on a long drive in (or even to) Denmark or
>>France... :-)
> Depends on your definition of "long" :-)
> I find Nathan's statement "I simply find it physically impossible
> to drive a car at 65 mph or even the 75 mph" alarming.  For an
> apparently intelligent
> person to say this is deeply worrying.  I find the cruise control
> button on my car
> very effective at helping me stay at one speed - you should try it Nathan!
> Simon.
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