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Subject: [Leica] FS: M & R bits, Leicaflex SL, prints
From: nathan.wajsman at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Fri May 20 20:44:29 2005

Leica M bits:

M lens coupler, grey: 20 EUR. This is the one made by Leica. It works 
well but prevents you from putting two wide angle lenses together. That 
is why I also have:

Two M rear caps epoxied together, 20 EUR. This method is better since it 
gives you the flexibility to put any two lenses together.

Leica R equipment:

Leicaflex SL, excellent condition but not collectors item. Includes body 
cap and 2 spare Varta mercury batteries. 400 EUR including shipping to 
Europe/North America, other regions at cost.

FILTERS and STEP-UP RINGS: All filters are free of scratches of any 
kind, and include the original box. Depending on how many you buy, 
shipping is included.

39mm Heliopan 29 (dark red). 15 EUR.
43mm Heliopan 29 (dark red). 20 EUR.
46mm Heliopan 25 (light red). 15 EUR.
49mm B+W 91 (dark red). 15 EUR.
55mm B+W 91 (dark red). 20 EUR.
67mm B+W 90 (light red). 25 EUR.
86mm Heliopan 25 (light red), slim. 50 EUR.


Step-up rings: all are black metal, various brands (mostly Heliopan). 
The first number is the lens size, the second number is the filter size. 
10 EUR each or all five for 40 EUR.

40.5mm - 43mm
43mm - 55mm
46mm - 55mm
49mm - 55mm
52mm - 55mm

PRINTS: The images I have selected there are 
some of the most popular ones (judging by the feedback), but all my 
stuff is available at the same prices (which, BTW, include only a modest 


- Leica E55 front lens cap (14289), like new. 15 EUR.

- Crumpler December Quarter bag, black blue, like new. See it here:
Bought a few months ago for 169 EUR, asking 100 EUR plus shipping.

- and I still have the Prochnow Technical Report, English version. 
Price: 25 EUR plus shipping.

- Jobo CPE2 processor with lift. I shoot so little film now that it is 
not worth it for me to develop my own. This Jobo comes with everything 
you need: bottles, processing tanks etc. It is not super-clean, I used 
it a lot in Switzerland, but has been sitting unused since we moved to 
the Netherlands in June 2003. Due to its size, and overall bulk, this is 
likely to be interest only to someone within driving distance of me, 
which means Netherlands, Belgium, the nearby parts of Germany. 250 EUR 
excl. shipping.

Payment by bank transfer or Paypal (add 3% if using Paypal).

Contact me off-list if interested in any of these items. I am open to 
*reasonable* offers.

Nathan Wajsman
Almere, The Netherlands

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Seville photography:
Stock photography:
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