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Subject: Firmware was Re: [Leica] Still no DMR
From: nathan.wajsman at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Sun May 15 22:57:26 2005
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This is what I do as well. I have always tended to shoot at or close to 
maximum aperture, and as Ted says, with the 20D, anything f8 or wider 
can still be focused manually without too much trouble. Granted, the 
viewfinder on the 20D is not as good as a Leicaflex SL or R8, but it is 
good enough, and if that is really important, then one can go for one of 
the 1-series bodies which by all accounts have better viewfinders (plus 
interchangeable screens etc.).


Ted Grant wrote:
> Mark Rabiner asked:
>> So what's the deal you can just use Leica R glass on a Canon in stop down
>> metering?<
> Hi Mark,
> It's so simple it's amazing. ;-) Might be difficult for those who use a 
> major analyzing technique and have to think about it. But it's simple, 
> clean and works! Honest would I lie to a nice guy like you? ;-)
> I've found I can stop down to f8.0 and still manual focus without any 
> problem outdoors. Or any aperture from wide open to f8.0. Set the camera 
> for aperture priority and shoot letting the camera select the shutter 
> speed. And so far I've not missed any exposures in this fashion.
> That's what's so neat about it, because it's difficult to think and 
> shoot and still capture the precise moment. Pick an aperture and shoot 
> away without thought while merely concentrating on your subject.
> It's the old story, "KISS it baby!" And it works like a dream. :-)
> ted
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