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Subject: [Leica] Summaron eyes
From: P2CON at (
Date: Fri May 13 13:23:10 2005

There were two versions of the Summaron 35/f3.5 with eyes.  The type shown 
the pictures that started this thread, and the type described by Eric in the 
message below.
I think that Leica discovered that users of the first type, (M adapter added 
to screw-mount lens), were trying to use the lens without the eyes on a 
mount body.  Of course when they did that, they discovered the focus was way 
off at any distance other than infinity due to the different focusing cam 
shape.  The later design with the permanent M-mount and the DR type 
removable eyes 
was less likely to be used improperly, (without the eyes).

However, those of us that have the newer version and don't like the eyes can 
still take off the eyes and use the lens by scale-focusing with the distance 
markings on the lens.  It works quite well for general shooting in bright 
with the lens stopped down to give a tolerant DOF.  A very nice and compact 
lens for day time walk about shooting.

Regards, Paul Connet

In a message dated 5/13/2005 8:58:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
<<I'm a little confused by this. While I can see that the bayonet ring on 
my Summaron f:3.5 might be removable (it appears to be held in place by 
three screws at the bottom of the lens), it would not be much like an 
LTM/M adapter--just the bayonet lugs, without the flange with the lens 
information and red dot--and it would be much thinner, without the 
depth of the threads. And, although the eyes are removable, they are 
completely separate from the lens mount: they slide onto a foot on the 
top of the lens, and are secured by a knurled screw. I haven't looked 
at a DR Summicron in quite a while, but this arrangement is like what I 
remember on them.

Am I talking about a different lens than you are?

--Eric Ladner>>

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