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Subject: [Leica] A stands for....
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Wed May 11 20:49:07 2005
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Also, as it happens, the FM3a outing was not not meant to be. I have
Chronic Fatigue (CFIDS or ME in medical lingo), and today was just
one of those too-much-fatigue days.  But maybe tomorrow :-)

BTW, my photography hobby has really turned into a Godsend with
the onset of CFIDS. I can shoot while taking slow walks when that's
permissible (it's always advisable for maintaining muscle tone as best
as possible).  Or shoot around the house when people visit or doing self
portraits experimenting with a few AB studio lights I picked up.

Then I can soup film and scan and print and make little web
portfolios when my body doesn't permit a higher level of physical

CFIDS kind of hits your left brain capabilities, and my doc says
photography is perfect for keeping my brain going on the right side,
as it were.

Beats the hell out of laying on the couch and watching TV reruns
(although for the first time in my life, I do quite a bit of that as


Mark Rabiner wrote:

> much of the time. It's a real shame. My dad is coming
>>tomorrow. Maybe I'll pack up the FM3a kit for a change and do a little
>>on the 28/45/105 combo and some Delta 100.
>I shot a lot of Delta 100 but when the ACROS 100 came out I crossed over to
>it! It's kind of weird which is why I like it. Same sharpness as the Delta I
>About as sharp as slow films with Xtol 1:3.
>Been meaning to test it against Pan F to see what the difference might
>really be.
>Mark Rabiner
>Portland Oregon
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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