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Subject: [Leica] The Hitchhikers' Guide To the Galaxy: To Be Avoided
From: jbcollier at (John Collier)
Date: Sun May 1 18:52:42 2005
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John Collier

On 1-May-05, at 7:21 PM, Marc James Small wrote:

> At 01:03 AM 5/2/05 +0000, wrote:
>> This is pretty much off topic. Or "OT" to the time-crunched, 
>> Internet-hip
> linguists in the audience.
>> "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy." See it. The cinenamatography is far
> better than the 1970's videotape production that once aired on PBS. So 
> much
> for the photographic content.
> Good God.
> First, the "Hitchhiker's Gude" was orignally a magnificent BBC radio
> production, and then a series of books by Douglas Adams.  I never
> encountered any sort of videotape version of it and I would have 
> avoided
> that one like the plague had I known of it, as I shall avoid this 
> Mother of
> All Turkeys.
> My God, they have ruined the entire concept of the original show.  
> Putting
> USians in as characters?  What bloody madness!  The show requires UK
> denizens, and there are dozens of fine UK actors and actresses who 
> would
> play magnificently to US audiences.
> One minor, but singificant, example:  a character in the original is 
> "Ford
> Prefect".   That is the name of a pedestrian car produced in the 
> 1960's by
> Ford at Dagenham, and would be the same as a US program of the time 
> having
> a character entitled "Ford Mustang" or "Ford Galaxie".  In this horror 
> of
> an embarrassment, he has simply been renamed "Ford" thus missing the 
> entire
> point of a significant joke.
> I have not and will not watch this offensive joke of a jerkoff of a 
> decent
> tale, but I would guess that they have also eliminated references to 
> that
> mystic sysmbol which marks all civilizations -- and which turns out to 
> be a
> Cricket wicket.
> I have been a fan of the GUIDE for too long to be so abused as to view
> trash like this.
> How low the mighty have fallen.
> Marc
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