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Subject: [Leica] Let's Just Say That Leica Survives and....
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Wed Apr 20 23:05:07 2005
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Oh, I don't know. SLR/DSLR doesn't have to mean a rediscovery
of camera automation. Until this weekend when I snagged a 12-24 wide
zoom, I was a zoom virgin, shooting primes on both my FM3a and D70.
I love manul focus, and I wish it was easier using the D70's viewfinder. 
I do
tend to use apperture priority instead of full manual, because it's really
easy to lock exposure with the thumb button on these Nikon cameras. But
on full manual, the two finger/thumb wheel system is actuall very ergonomic
with good feedback in the VF.

So the idea of a smaller body digital, RF focusing and with smaller 
prime lenses I think could be appealing to a sizeable niche of shooters. 
Still a
niche, but Leica film cameras are a niche too. Leica can't rely on the film
companies, so they'll have to get the sensor/electronics right to really 
the appeal of a total "Leica quality package."

I've been lugging around the D70 since this weekend trying out my new
nifty wide zoom toy, but it's just kind of big and unweildy compared to
a Leica M. I like to cary a camera and a few lenses around wherever I
go and so far, Leica fits the bill and my Nikon DSLR doesn't (FM3a
comes close with the diminutive 45/2.8P lens and one other lens like
a 28/2.8 AIS or 105/2.5).

I've been using a Domke "little smaller" bag for my M stuff, but also
turns out it holds a D70 kit just fine: D70, 12-24, 45/2.8P, 85/1.8, SB800,
Sekonic 358 meter and batterys and what not.  I finally got to fondle a
small Domke satchel at a local store, and think I'll pick one up for
my M kit. I figure I can do one M body, 28/2, 50/1.5, SF24 and maybe
the CV 21/4 or a meter or a 90/2.8 (once I get one) depending on my mood.
That will make for a more cramped bag, but even smaller than my current
Leica carry around kit.

I like it all pretty compact and "carry anywhere" but good quality, choice
of focal lengths and a good degree of control. So far Leica style RF gear
is the ticket.  For me, this wouldn't change with digital.  The only issues
are product availability, product support and price.


Mark Rabiner wrote:

>On 4/20/05 6:33 PM, "Robert Clark" <> typed:
>>does actually come out with a digital M.  What's the groups speculation
>>on MSRP?  With the DMR increasing in price and the dollar debacle, I'm
>>thinking that a digital M in 2006 (2007?)
>>could easily come with a price tag of over $6,000.....maybe even 7.
>>If Leica survives past this May or whenever they're going to publically
>>state what they plan to do to turn the ship around....Just
>>thinking......anyone else gotta guess?
>>Robert Clark
>>Lancaster, PA
>Leica could get into a digital body at any price point and and it wouldn't
>matter all that much I think now.
>The issues as I see it is most Leica "customers" you'd really not want to
>bring home to meet mom. Leicawise.
>Most Leica owners are/were Leica owners only.
>I don't think they are/were Leica users so much.
>Most Leicas all these years have been "show toys."
>Which don't develop much loyalty.
>After awhile all they need is an excuse to trade it in for something else.
>When digital hit. That was all the excuse many and most needed.
>The Epson R1D1 even hit way late.
>Non auto exposure is fun. Non AF is fun. Non motor drives are fun.
>But when digital hit the mentality shifted to "auto everything why not"
>If they're not going to bother putting film in the camera why bother with
>anything else.
>Would a crafted digital camera worth of the Leica Solms authentic red dot be
>a critical thing?
>I don't think so by then you'd have an Epson Cosina digital or Cosina Zeiss
>Ikon choice to put your Leica m glass on if you really had any allegiance to
>them at all. How many really do. How many Leica owners really ever have
>anything blown up bigger than 5x7?
>Leica may as well have Panasonic or somebody like that make the red dot
>digital lens enabler for them to cash in on SOME of the market share.
>Mark Rabiner
>Portland Oregon
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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