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Subject: [Leica] Re: B.D. PAWS
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Tue Apr 19 07:16:41 2005

Just a couple quick points on this "bum" thing -

1. I took the first shot - last summer - because I was drawn by the
color, what I saw as the humor, the irony, and the contrast between the
homeless man and the woman with her bag and the ALDO window. I didn't
take it as a "bum" shot;
2. I took the second shot instinctively - 'holy shit! It's the same
3. Ted, you hit the nail right on the proverbial head - or hit the
proverbial nail on....anyway, you got it...
4. There is a world of difference between a photojournalist - or a
documentarian - doing a project for the purpose of showing the brain
dead that there are unfortunates among us, and Sunday shooters using
"bums" as their target of choice.
5. Rick Carter - I can't believe that you would with a straight face
suggest that you "fail to 
see the essential photo subject difference between a sleeping infant 
and a bum in the gutter." 
6. Karen - there is a world of difference between standards/rules
governing a U. Prof. and a photojournalist. The rules governing most
academic research in fact make it virtually impossible to do any kind of
photography vaguely resembling photojournalism or traditional,
non-academic documentary photography.

B. D.

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Steve Barbour said:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: B.D. PAWS

> these people are at times all but invisible to us, but they can be 
> seen by
> a compassionate photographer. One who does not turn a blind eye, and
> not out for a cheap,  sensational shot..<<

Hi Steve,

And that's where I believe the original concept of "no bums" arrived
... taking cheap sensational photos and posting.
> and so,  the plight of the homeless must be made...
> Not by taking advantage of these people, rather by using our 
> compassion,
> our utmost sensitivity,  and our lens to be their lobbyist....<<<

Of course and done with the utmost of sensitivity as you say, and
Now that's what my meaning was all about, not taking cheap shots simply 
because an unfortunate is lying in the gutter.  By the same token a 
sensitive and people caring photojournalist can shoot pictures of these 
conditions and not make them cheap taking advantage of an unfortunate.


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