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Subject: [Leica] Don's PAW
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sun Mar 27 13:29:03 2005

Don, I mean NO disrespect by what I'm about to write; I'm simply
reacting to an excellent posted image...

I'm a bit disturbed by the shot. I really like the shot - I like the
expression, I like the tonality - very Avedonesque - and I like the
motion. HOWEVER - I'm willing to put money on the fact that your
daughter is a very attractive young lady, but this photo makes her look
quite grotesque. What this most reminds me of is the Diane Arbus - Here
we go! - photo of the little boy with the grenade. Look at that photo
and you see a VERY weird kid; look at the contact sheet and you see a
very normal looking little boy, playing with a toy grenade. In fact,
when you look at the contact sheet you see that there is a better
photograph on it - beautifully composed, interesting expression on the
kid, interesting forms. Yet she selected the one photograph that shows
him as a grotesque. I KNOW that Don didn't do that, because I
electronically "know" Don. But someone looking at that photo
independently of explanations and qualifications might really wonder.

B. D.

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Don Dory showed his excited daughter dancing:
Subject: [Leica] Don's PAW

>>>>> Thursday night two of her acceptable schools called with 
>>>>> acceptance
>>>>> and
> one a large merit scholarship: I was lucky enough to capture her 
> dancing through the house in a tiara and a pink feather boa:

Hi Don,
Excited she is! :-) Where some may bemoan "not Leica sharp" pay them no
as this says it all about her excitement.

The slow shutter speed allows a touch of "blur action" in capturing her 
exciting moment.

I class this as a keeper simply because it relates beautifully to her 
enthusiasm of the news.

By the same token it's necessary your viewers know what happened to
the dance! ;-) Otherwise they may think "you don't know how to take
pictures." ;-)  But enthusiasm? Hey that's an obvious! :-) Good on you.


> This is the time of year in the U.S. when seniors who have applied to 
> highly selective schools are pretty nervous.  In the school counseling

> process they are told about Andover students who had great grades and 
> test scores who are not admitted to any universities.  When these 
> young adults tour the campuses all the admissions people talk about 
> the importance of taking the toughest classes as well as social 
> activity, the fact that they receive ten to twenty applications for 
> every spot available.
> Toward the end of February, my daughter was bemoaning the fact that 
> she had not started an orphanage for tsunami victims in our back yard.

> Every day that one of her friends crowed about being accepted at 
> another school was both a good day and a very bad day: as a parent I 
> could not tell her that the only admission worth being excited about 
> was her friend's acceptance to Yale, the others were mid tier schools 
> hoping to get lucky.
> Comments always welcome.
> Don
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