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Subject: [Leica] Getting a Photography degree
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sat Mar 19 07:11:33 2005

BTW - I have taken one workshop in my life, and have never taken any
photo classes. I took Eugene Richards' workshop at the Maine Photo
Workshops, and it was invaluable, not because of anything he taught that
week, but because of insight I gained into who I am as a photographer.
And for that, I am eternally grateful. 

B. D.

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Out of my group of 150 or so folks who got 4 year photo degrees, I am 
only aware of 3 people who made a career in photography.
I have always felt that the best learning experience is to find a 
workshop taught by a photographer that you really admire.  Go spend a 
week with one of your heros; you will learn more in that week than you 
would in a year of classes.

I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop in the 70's in Pebble 
Beach.  The teachers were Ansel, Jerry Ulesman, Ekoh Hosoe, Louis 
Baltz.  Wynn Bullock's wife was a student in my group.  John Sexton was 
Ansel's assistant. We shot with Ansel at Weston Beach.  While shooting 
at Weston beach after the workshop we ran into Ulesman crawling on the 
rocks, shooting pictures all by himself, just like us.  Spent an 
evening at Wynn Bullock's house, looking at contact sheets and prints.  
Looked at his tiny darkroom.  Admired the last piece of driftwood that 
he shot.  Edna was a really nice person, a gracious host. A party at 
Ansel's.  A really nice guy.  His wife, Virginia was truly a wonderful 
woman.  HIs darkroom was big.  His piano was big.  His house was big.  
Everything about Ansel was big.  But I learned that he was also just a 
hard working regular guy that was just frickin crazy about photography. 
Ulesman was just a regular guy who was just frickin crazy about 
photography. As was Hosoe.  As was Baltz.

That week changed my life.  I leaned about technical stuff, but more 
importantly I learned about photography impregnated lifestyles and work 


On Mar 19, 2005, at 8:33 AM, Stasys Petravicius wrote:

> Hi All- I started classes at 49 after getting laid off in aerospace. I
> have
> a class or two to go- but am in no hurry to finish. I agree with the 
> point
> of getting feedback and inspiration from other students and teachers. 
> The
> school photo dept (Santa Monica College)  has a camping trip to
> Springs Calif on right now. The wildflowers are the best they have 
> been in
> many years due to the plentiful rain we received. I didn't go because 
> I went
> with a friend last week- perfect day trip! Stasys
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