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Subject: [Leica] Green cast Jammers
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Sun Mar 6 09:06:37 2005

Hello all,
I contacted Daniel after I had run through a series of tests and he 
suggested I 
should post this series "in public".

As is my wont, I've been scouring the web for free stuff again.
I found a couple or three plug-ins or freebies which (quite often) work very
well for me. When I saw the green faced jammers I thought "maybe this will 
I've posted the original and a couple of variations here :

I'm still looking into the green light and may try some other settings, the 
singer still looks like The Incredible Hulk's little brother

The processing is with ColorcastFX and DCEnhancer (demo versions, stand 
both from

BTW this is a before and after on one of my shots :  with a pronounced blue cast  after ColorCastFX

Also, from,, a BW converter where you can change the 
levels of a whole gamut of colours, gamma, grain and choose the 
for quite a few types of BW film. All three work pretty effectively straight 
"out of the box". CCFX  has only two sliders, CC and gamma. DCE has noise 
reduction, sharpening, mid-tones, colour and balance. The free, demo, 
have one or two drawbacks : File saving is not automatic (you have to 
which file you used and then save it under another name, there is NO 
warning", CCFX tends to blow out the whites if you run it on landscapes.
The full,purchase, versions can be plugged in.

BW conversion is free, and is running on my machine as a plug-in in both 
PS-Elements 3 and Arc Soft Photostudio 5.5, I haven't had it long so I can't 
say how versatile it is, or what all the sliders do, but it looks very 
so far.
I was particularly impressed by the noise reduction in DCE and the subtle 
sharpening option.
Anyone else got any good ideas?

Bye for now

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