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Subject: [Leica] LEICA could be clever
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed Feb 23 17:52:01 2005

I'd like to suggest, Chris, that getting looked at or not looked at when
taking pictures has to do with what you do with the camera, not how
large or small the camera is - unless we're talking about a film SLR
with a screaming motor drive and a big honker of a zoom. :-)

What people tend to see is not the camera, but the movement of the
camera. If you put the camera up to your face, and keep it there as you
watch your subject, shoot, watch your subject, rather than keep raising
and lowering the camera, it doesn't matter if you're using a Leica M or
a Canon EOS1D. And as to the noise - there's little if any difference
between an M and an Olympus E-1 DSLR, and I doubt if there is with most
Nikons and Canons. 

BUT - if what you're most comfortable with an M, use it! :-)

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All this talk about what classics want and everything is fine but what 
I want and a lot of people in my position (small kids, need to be light 
on your feet, console the wife that your are not bringing a tank with 
you to shoot a birthday party) want is a small camera that has 
interchangeable lenses that we can still practice the art of 
photography on and not be looked at when we take a picture because of 
the noise or a monster of a camera. The R-D1 to me is the right size. 
Now I would like the ability to have the rangefinder viewer to shoot 
wide angle in the range of 2omm and shoot tele in the range of 90mm and 
of course it needs to be digital.


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