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Subject: [Leica] opening bell
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Feb 24 20:52:49 2005

Slow. Realllllll slllllllloooooooowwwwwwwww.
The funny thing is that I recall having read the part about the
radiation, the scrap metal, the bone fishing, and the light - but I have
absolutely no recollection of the pronunciation guide and the fact that
it was Christmas Island. That's not a good sign, is it? :-(

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B.D. - Finally read that, did you?

>All this time and we've been talking about bleeping CHRISTMAS ISLAND 
>every week?! DOH!!!! :-)
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>Subject: [Leica] opening bell
>In the village of Kirimati, in the country of Kiribati, it
>is just after sunrise (06:01) on Friday, so the Leica
>Users Group 'For-sale Friday' is officially open for
>Kirimati is pronounced "Kee-ree-mass" and Kiribati is
>prounced "Kee-ree-bus". The island is known both as
>Kirimati and Kiritimati. Kiritimati is pronounced "Kee-ri-see-mass". 
>(Say it out loud.) When it was an English colony, it was  known as 
>Christmas Island. There is another unrelated island with that name (an 
>Australian territory in the Indian ocean). Kirimati is part of the Line

>Islands archipelago.
>Kirimati is big enough to have two hotels and air service. Despite its 
>being a former British nuclear test site, it is now safe in terms of 
>radiation hazard. There is a lot of cast-off military hardware 
>littering the edges of the island, but it serves more as a replacement 
>for pandanus leaves in the roofs of huts than as a danger. Piles of 
>rusting scrap metal serve as landmarks.
>There is spectacular fishing for bonefish on the shallow
>sand flats around the island.  It's slow film country; the light is 
>incredibly intense, being very near the equator.
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