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Subject: [Leica] A 70-200 by any other crop circle...
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sat Feb 19 09:29:23 2005

The two lenses they announced - (in 35 mm equivalents) 28-70 f2 and
70-200 f2, mean that a photographer can carry only two lenses and go
from 28 to 200 at f 2 the whole way - and how cool is that? Add to that
either the already existing  (35 equiv) 22-44 2.8-3.5, or the new (35
equiv) of 14-2? F4, and all of a sudden the E-1 offers a real
alternative to digital shooters who don't want to use flash all the
time. Will this make a real dent in the Nikon or Canon pro lines? Highly
unlikely. But will these lenses - and a new 8 or so mgp rendition of the
E-1 prove to be Olympus's iPod? Good chance.

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Subject: [Leica] A 70-200 by any other crop circle...

Wide zooms may have captured the imagination of the worlds shutterbugs
but the most useful zoom for me has always been the venerable 70-200. On
the white backdrop for me it'd been a real money maker. And a great pull
over by the side of the road on car trips lens.

Good for Olympus to be I think the first to come out with a digital lens
with translates to those magic numbers. And I'd settle for anything
close. But Olympus I see on the dp preview has come out with a 35-100mm
which for them at their 2x crop level translates directly to 70-200! But
the big news for many is that this lens is a fixed Summicron, I mean f2.
They call their f2's something else I'd imagine. Zuiko or Zed or Zack.

Can you image how heavy an f2 70-200 would be for 35mm film?!!! The
current Nikon 2.8 which is a VR weighs 3.20 lbs (1.5 kg)?
The Leica VARIO-APO-ELMARIT-R f/2.8/70-180 mm weights 4.12 lbs (1.870

My guess is about twice that!

To get something like a 70-200 with the most popular 1.5 crop factor
you'd have to have it be a 50-135. That would translate exactly to a
75-202.5 but that's close enough. Nikon doesn't make anything resembling
this. No one much does. Third party lens company Sigma makes a 55-200
which has it's heart in the right place. 
Because consumer level 70-200's are 70-300's now.
It's hard to find a cheap 70-200 anymore. They're all monster 2.8's for
pros. I don't need 300. (or 2.8) I need a more compact zoom lens. I'd
have to get an old one. Canon makes a 55-200 like the Sigma. Better I'd

There's no word out yet that I can make out just how COMPACT Olympus is
going to be able to make their f2 35-100mm(= 70-200) yet. It might not
be compact but it's hopefully not going to be a monster either.
Otherwise what's the point? To make faster lenses at the same size and
weight as what we're used to? Give me a more compact lenses at the same
speed anyday to start with. To make faster lenses at the same size and
weight might make nice gravy later on down the road. But if I was
shooting that E system I'd be real exited to see this 35-100mm come out
at any bulk rate anyway. One nice thing about this 2x crop circle....
IT'S EASY TO DO THE MATH! 1.5 I have get out the Kodak digital
dataguide. Which I don't think has come out yet. Or has been thought of.

But lots of cardboard wheels and paper samples!
That's the ticket!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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