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Subject: [Leica] SOLVED OT: OS X 10.3.8 problems NOW R-D1 vs Fuji 400/800
From: simonpj at (Simon P-J)
Date: Sun Feb 13 01:58:12 2005


I did what you suggested. I did already have the latest Epson drivers, so
for some reason or other installing the 10.3.8 update had interfered with

Once I had deleted and re-installed them the 1280 was back to normal, and I
could get on with comparing some available light portraits shot on the R-D1
at iso 400 and 800 and with M's on Fuji Superia 400 and 800. (35 and 50
'luxes on the R-D1 - 50 and 75 'luxes on the M's)

With my two respective digital workflows (R-D1 Raw or Polaroid SS 4000 into
Photoshop CS and Epson 1280) I have to conclude that I can do much better
with the R-D1 (at prints up to 14 x 11). By comparison, the SS 4000 combined
with the Fuji films give some unpleasant noise/grain effects and limited
dynamic range even on quite low contrast negatives. I'm sure a more
up-to-date scanner would make a difference, but I wonder whether it would
make enough difference for me to prefer it to the R-D1 output.

I have had no problems focusing anything on my R-D1 at any distances -
including 35 'lux, Noctilux, 75 'lux, and 90AA. I've been very pleasantly
surprised that my proportion of in focus shots is similar to what I'd expect
with M's when shooting people moving around in low light at relatively slow
shutter speeds. I like the bright viewfinder and the 1:1 view. The very
conservative frame lines play a nice psychological trick in that they at
first exaggerate the effect of the 1.53 crop factor and then when you see
that the actual shot covered quite a lot more it makes it seem that the crop
factor is not so bad after all. The rangefinder patch itself is very far
from M standards, having much less contrast, clarity and snap, and being
very sensitive to the angle at which you peer through it. Nonetheless, for
somebody experienced with rangefinder focusing it seems that it's perfectly
possible to get it to work well enough even on the more difficult lenses.

The worst and most un-M-like feature of the R-D1 is its shutter release,
which has little feel and which has some confusing 'rules' that I haven't
got to grips with. I don't think the shutter will fire unless you have
already activated the meter by a half pressure on the release. So sometimes
an immediate full pressure on the release results in nothing happening. And
then, of course, there's also the fact that after every 3 seconds or so of
rapid RAW shooting the buffer clogs up for a couple of seconds. All of which
means that I find that about 10 percent of my attempts at the shutter
release are frustrated. I get that shot a second or two after I wanted. Very

However, I do find that the shortcomings of the shutter release are off-set
in practice for the kind of photography I do most of the time (indoor
available light of family and friends) by the fact that I feel free to make
many more exposures than I would with film. Given the fact that the main
factor that ruins shots of people at 1/15th to 1/60th is subject motion, I
don't mind trading off a few moments missed due to the shutter release for
the extra moments that I have a go at. Having said that, I wouldn't want to
use the R-D1 for anything where specific moments really mattered, such as

My first R-D1 (under 2000 serial#) had to be replaced because it started
shooting about 20 percent black/blank frames. The replacement (over 3500
serial#) has worked perfectly so far - both electronics and rangefinder.
They obviously did have some serious quality control problems with the early


On 12/2/05 4:21 pm, "Christopher Driggett" <> wrote:

> Simon,
> Try the following steps if you can.
> 1) Look at the Epson's site to see if you have the latest drivers.
> 2) disconnect the printer from the computer.
> 3) delete the 1280 printer from your system.
> 4) reinstall the Epson drivers.
> 5) Connect your printer.
> 6) Add the printer through the printer setup utilities.
> Now try to print.
> The above has worked for me in the past.
> Cheers,
> Chris
> On Feb 12, 2005, at 8:16 AM, Simon P-J wrote:
>> Having installed the Mac OS X 10.3.8 update today my Epson 1280 is
>> playing
>> up. Nasty partly posterised prints that look like a driver
>> compatibility
>> problem.
>> Anyone else experienced this? The Epson drivers have always been a
>> problem
>> with OS X.
>> I was looking forward to a weekend of printing, and now I'm kicking
>> myself
>> that I went ahead and installed the update!
>> Simon P-J
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