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Subject: [Leica] Which 35mm 'cron or 'lux?
From: lambroving at (William G. Lamb, III)
Date: Thu Feb 10 16:20:28 2005


Frank's summary was pretty good. Perhaps you are also overlooking another 
option to round off your kit?

Personally, I love the fingerprint of the 35 Lux ASPH, but it just blocks 
too much of the viewfinder to make a compact package with an M and what I 
consider to be my "normal" lens. If I want to block my viewfinder, I use a 
28/f2 ASPH which is Leica's modern answer to the 35mm traditional 
documentary lens. On all counts it does not disappoint, is one of the 
finest Leica lenses, has a wonderful warm fingerprint and is optically 
superior to both the 35 Lux ASPH and the 35/2 ASPH.

If you want to stick with 35mm, I've got a perfect new black spare which is 
surplus to demand because I'm using the LHSA chrome version mainly on my 
chrome MP .58. You are welcome to it for $1,250 U.S., complete with box and 
case, etc. This lens is capable of the highest image quality in most 
circumstances, but it is not perfect. In bright light combined with 
conditions of high humidity it can vignette. Can't say if the 35 Lux ASPH 
does because I've never owned one..., but the 28/2 ASPH is no larger than 
the Lux ASPH and most certainly does not.



At 04:28 PM 02/10/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>With modern emulsions, TMY, TMZ, Portra 800, is the extra stop of the 
>Summilux worth the weight and added cost?
>I love the results with my 50 and 90 Summicron's and am trying to decide 
>which 35mm to round out my bag.

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