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Subject: [Leica] My attitude about Colo(u)r
From: sethrosner at (Seth Rosner)
Date: Wed Feb 2 08:15:10 2005
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Subject: [Leica] My attitude about Colo(u)r

This subjective topic  depends on a standard that is in itself  subjective,
and that is how someone sees colo(u)r.  I made a discovery when  I bought a
monocular that one of my eyes sees color slightly warmer than the  other. 
that's the case, how many of us see a scene the same way?

I have two monitors on this computer, and two on the one at home, and none
of the four are actually fully in sync with the others.  If that's the 
(and I have them carefully tuned) how do the shots look on the other  coupla
thousand monitors on this list?

We buy film, and only a minute sample of us by all our stock for the  year
from the same batch number.  Colo(u)r papers come in batches too,  chemicals 

 We process our own, and just as we are about to pour out the  developer, 
phone rings, we hesitate for just ten seconds and the   balance has changed
on the entire film.

We  take a roll somewhere, and the lab guy, takes a slug of coffee  instead
of checking the chemicals and we are 1000 degrees Kelvin off.

Oh!  You are digital with auto white balance?  Which algorithm  does the
manufacturer use to set awb?   Even virtually identical  cameras like the
Panasonic LC5 and the Digilux 1 see colo(u)r differently.

Oh, just correct in PhotoShop!  I get it.  Lets see, go to  levels, get the
white eyedropper, find something white in the scene.   Click, ouch! 
went Blue!

Well, when all else fails, you can take it to BW.  I have done that, 

Finally (you were longing for me to say that, huh?)  with all the 
I don't think any of us can crit another's work on the basis of  colo(u)r,
with the possible exception of shooting daylight with a tungsten  film.

Filters?  The only one I care about is an Neutral Density .9 so I can  shoot
800 Press outside.

At  ease.

Natchitoches,  Louisiana
Oldest continuous settlement in La Louisiane
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